Nasi Goreng Made Easy

Nasi Goreng Made Easy

A lovely surprise package of authentic Malaysian ingredients landed on my doorstep recently, sent by Malaysia Kitchen the people promoting Malaysian food here in the UK.  Their job may have been made slightly easier by Ping Coombes, the latest winner of Masterchef (who just happens to hail from Ipoh in Malaysia) who championed Malaysian ingredients in traditional dishes, throughout the entire competition and had the judges begging for more.  Whilst Nasi Goreng wasn’t one of the dishes she conjured up, it’s an incredibly popular Malaysian dish and if there’s a corner to be cut on a mid-week, post-work, tasty supper then I’m at the front of the queue.

Malay Taste Nasi Goreng Kit

Nasi Goreng means fried rice and is usually served at breakfast time to use up the leftovers from the night before.  It’s traditionally served with a fried egg as the golden crown to the finished dish but I cracked mine in the pan so scrambled it instead, it tasted rather good too.


There are just three packets in the kit which include dried vegetables, rice and the spice paste.

Nasa Goreng Kit Ingredients

All you need to add is 150g cubed chicken, or prawns, 2tbsp cooking oil and 1 egg.

Heat up a tbsp of the oil in a wok, then add your meat or fish.

Cook Chicken and Add Paste

Cook it through.

Add the paste.

Add the dried vegetable sachet contents (I added a dash of water)

Add dried vegetables to the chicken

Add the rice and break it up with a fork if necessary.

Add rice to the chicken mix

Cook through until piping.

Transfer to serving bowl (serves one) or bowls (serves two as small starter).

Fry an egg (or two) and place on top of the hot rice dish.


Finished Dish

These kits are available in all large supermarkets and retail at around the £2.70 mark.

On Friday 26th September from midday until 10pm Trafalgar Square will host a day-to-night market that will introduce Londoners to the delights of Malaysia. Visitors will be able to see, smell and sample treats from the country from a variety of traditional producers.  Nearest tube Trafalgar Square.  For more information, visit the Malaysia Kitchen Facebook page.

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