Wright’s Ginger Cake on test

Wright’s Ginger Cake on test

This is a complete cake mix which costs £1.59 (Morrisons and Asda), £1.70 (Sainsbury’s) and £2.00 (Ocado) as of September ’14, and needs just water and oil adding to the 500g mix.  The result is a good-coloured, home-made looking moist cake which tastes a little similar in taste to a Jamaican Ginger Cake but less sticky.

Wright's Ginger Cake

The mix can be made with a hand whisk or a bread machine.  Follow the instructions for the bread machine or the hand whisk.  Basically 200ml of water & 60 ml vegetable oil go into a bowl.


and then the entire contents of the packet is dropped on top.

Wright's Ginger Cake Mix


Mix until everything’s totally combined and then add to a well-greased cake tin.  I used a deep 15cm loose-bottomed, non-stick tin from Lakeland.

Wright's Ginger Cake Mix

Their tins are sturdy, strong and wash really well after producing decent cake results.There are alternatives to the traditional round cake, including a bar or 16 cakes and suggestions for adding extra ingredients to make a speedy tea bread.  The cake took a little longer than the instructions suggested as I was using one baking pan and not two sandwich tins so allow an extra ten minutes to the cooking time if you do the same.

Wright's Ginger Cake cooked

Cooked Ginger Cake

I split the cake with a Tala cake leveller

Tala Cake Leveller, Wright's Ginger Cake

and slathered some Follain Irish Rhubarb and Ginger Jam inside, the results …. delicious.  A great ginger cake which, if made round, will cut into 8 generous wedges.

Split Wright's Ginger Cake

Sandwiched Wright's Ginger Cake

Wright’s also produce flour, bread mixes and other flavour cake mixes and are available at larger supermarkets or via their website.

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  • these cake and bread mixes are all easy to make and can be made in the oven and a breadmaker and a slowcooker and a microwave. I also emailed all 7 major outlets to stock all ranges in their shops so that you don’t have to wander from 1 shop to another like we have to do now. I think that 1 person’s voice is not enough so please get e mailing as these mixes deserve to be available everywhere and in the same place.

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