Wineskin: Simple & Effective

Wineskin: Simple & Effective

Hands up who’s left a great bottle of great wine behind on holiday, because it breaks all the hand-luggage rules or you just couldn’t chance it in your case?  Or, like me, you’re determined to get it home whether it takes hours to wrap in the arms of sweaters, tights and socks and you’re happy to take the hit if it breaks.  Well I have to say those days are well and truly over.

I first used the Wineskin in Argentina.  We transported four bottles of fine Malbec 6,920 miles back home to Blighty without so much as a dribble.  I really wanted to write about them and it wasn’t until I had to leave another great bottle of wine behind in Emilia Romagna that I did some internet research.  Now I really won’t travel abroad without them. The lovely Alyse Snyder, Wineskin’s Co-Founder, managed to persuade the only stockist in England to send me some samples to write about.  Thank you to the guys at Wineware Racks & Accessories Ltd.


These clever bubble wrapped pouches are made so that if, in the unlikely event a bottle does smash, the liquid stays inside.  If you do suffer this misfortune, don’t try to sieve out the wine and drink it!  Wrap the unopened skin in lots of newspaper and dispose of well.

Double sealing system

The Wineskin itself is 18″ long and 7″ wide, and it has an incredibly tough vinyl outer.  Inside the sleeve, the bottle is protected by a bubble-pack inner, and it’s shaped for all 750ml bottles and has a unique double-seal system to prevent liquid escaping.

Wineskin with bottle

Wineskin warning

Perfect for the wine lover, olive oil fan, or indeed the fan of any bottles containing liquid that will squeeze into a 750ml skin.  Invaluable to retailers who have turned down sales because of transportation.

Wineskin’s HQ is in Las Vegas but their website lists local stockists.  Wineskins are on sale from Wineware and cost £12 for a packet of 5 or £2.95