Snack Boxes from Japan

Snack Boxes from Japan

If Bokksu is a brand that’s unfamiliar to you, read on.

It’s sourced from Japan and opens up a whole new world for the food lover who hasn’t quite made it to Asia, just yet. From snacks to tea, Bokksu will send a curated box to your door every month. If subscriptions or commitment isn’t your thing you can buy one-off boxes as gifts.

Subscription Taster Box

You choose your subscription plan to match your budget. The more you pay in advance, the cheaper it becomes. The box I received was a LOVE Box for Valentine’s Day. With it, a printed card with information about the contents.

Pancake Langue de Chat

From Hokkaido, this pancake takes its inspiration from the American-classic-turned-Japanese-favourite. The company, Bon Bon Seika has transformed the breakfast favourite into a sandwich cookie with maple and white chocolate filling that tastes just like a pancake.

Japanese Kit Kat Strawberry Tiramisu

Strawberry and Tiramisu? Sceptical? This Kit Kat combo is irresistible. Strawberry coating, a coffee wafer that compliments the full package. A limited-edition flavour released only in Japan to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the brand in Japan.

Beauty Red Herb Tea

It’s not just food in these boxes, from Tokyo, tea maker Karei Capek makes this bright tea. A herbal tea that blooms into a deep red colour. Rosehip, rooibos and hibiscus combine to form the base of this fruity tea with accents of kiwi, apple and strawberry. You can even use the same teabag twice, now there’s quality for you.

Chocolate Anpan

From Hoikkado, this chocolate anpan is full of chocolate, quite hard to believe that this treat includes white bean. Less like a traditional soft roll, this anpan is similar to a brownie. With such intense flavours, this anpan is the perfect accompaniment to the red tea.

Baked Strawberry Chocolate

From Tokyo, with strawberry bits and rice puffs backed into a fluffy chocolate cake, each bite opens with the texture of the crisp rice and finishes with layers of delicate strawberry flavour.

Arigato No Kimochi Senbei

A classic senbei has a crisp crunch and shaped as a big heart. Flavoured with soy sauce and sweetened with honey. The literal translation is ‘thankful feeling’. This snack reminds you to take a moment to remember the good things in life.

Tai Chocolate

It’s a chocolate fish filled with airy mousse. This snack is a variation of monaka, a traditional Japanese confection featuring two layers of mochi wafers encasing a sweet filling. This modern update replaces the traditional red bean filling with chocolate mousse.

Cubie ‘Hi’ Milk Chocolate

A packet of cubed chocolate, sweet and creamy. Delicious.

Spicy Mini Heart Senbei

This assortment of senbei rice crackers includes black sesame, mustard and green seaweed (aonori) flavours. If you’re sensitive to spice, these probably aren’t for you!

These boxes are the perfect gift for any foodie lover in your life.

For more information on Bokksu and their current offers, visit their website.