Crystallised ginger has been given a makeover this Christmas by the Royal Chocolatier Prestat. Dismiss the idea of sugar-encrusted cubes and think twice-dipped fiery stem ginger in 70% dark chocolate.   Sure to pack a spicy punch and warm up a chilly winter evening.  A beautiful A5 size ruby red box is embellished with gold lettering and is a reasonable £12.50.

The Mint Box costs £10.50 and in the gorgeous box you’ll find a selection of three mint chocolates – the double mint, a coffee mint and the strawberry mint.  If you’re a fan of flavoured fondants you’ll love these – they’re all dipped in mint-infused chocolate.  I’m personally not that keen on flavoured mint fondants but that said the box is empty.

Available in the Prestat shop, Liberty, Selfridges, John Lewis and Harrods Prestat concession.

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  • Love the sound of the crystallised ginger, would certainly warm up Christmas Day. As always from Prestat, beautiful packaging.

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