Prestat Truffles

Prestat Truffles

Prestat has launched another truffle which means another weakness to add to the growing list, which in turns means my bank account gets lighter as my body takes on the extra pounds. I’ve already got a soft spot for their Sea Salt Caramel Truffles and I could have done with the praline line like a hole in the head.

Prestat isn’t a brand that comes cheap, but then what good quality chocolate does? They’re an indulgence, made with top-notch ingredients. They taste great, look expensive and they’re a total pleasure to receive. Even the boxes are a work of art, beautifully designed by the artist Kitty Arden.  Her silk robes are exquisite and I’ve got a red one on my Christmas wish list.

I head straight to Liberty’s Chocolate Room who stock a great selection of Prestat chocolates when I need cheering up, someone else needs a chocolate hug, or simply to get them as a good substitute for dessert when I’m cooking at home for friends and don’t have time to go beyond main courses.

Like their other truffles, Marc de Champagne and Pink Marc de Champagne,  they’re bite-sized balls of naughtiness. The handmade chocolate shells are filled with hazelnut praline and dusted in dark cocoa. But beware, they’re a little like Pringles – you just can’t put them back in the cupboard – that is why no one else got to taste them!

Can’t wait to try out their Christmas range. I’ll keep you posted when I get samples.

Prestat Praline Truffles £10

Stocked in Liberty, John Lewis, Selfridges, Harrods and Prestat in Princes Arcade, Piccadilly.

Truffles courtesy of Prestat.

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  • Try the Earl Grey wafer thins…amazing! I have an empty box at home… like you says, its pretty, but also because just the smell of them that lingers is gorg!

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