Valentine’s Day Flowers Aldi: Romance Shouldn’t Cost The Earth?

Valentine’s Day Flowers Aldi: Romance Shouldn’t Cost The Earth?

Aldi have got plenty of beautiful flowers on offer for this year’s Valentine’s Day.  If you’ve shopped here before, you know that quality doesn’t cost the earth, whatever you’re buying.

Valentine’s Day Flowers Aldi: Roses

There are a few crackers on offer, including 100 Sweetheart Roses for just £25.00 and fair trade roses for £5.00.

valentine's day flowers Aldi

Their fairtrade products aren’t just reserved for special occasions, they’re increasing the number of products offered in store from coffee to wine.  Aldi is the only Fairtrade flower buyer in Ethiopia. They sell 42,000 bouquets of fairtrade roses in one week alone which generates £4,000 to compensate the growers in Ethiopia.  Last year, Aldi sold over 2 million roses stems and helped hundreds of Ethiopian workers and their families find specialist medical care and access to education.

Here’s the £25.00 Sweetheart Bouquet. Why have a dozen when you can have 100? Well they may be smaller than the luxury offering, they’ll last for at least a week.
Available in stores from 11th February as a specialbuy (in fact most of the flowers listed here, are). valentine's day flowers Aldi

These Specially Selected Luxury Freedom Roses are £15.00 for a dozen.

valentine's day flowers Aldi

‘Naomi’ Roses are a Premium offering at £30.00.

Valentine’s Day FLowers Aldi: Tulips

And, if roses aren’t your thing, there are Tulips

For 18 stems, it’s just £5.00. Again in store from 11th February.

Red and White Tulips

valentine's day flowers Aldi

Red and Pink Tulips

valentine's day flowers Aldi

More Tulips

valentine's day flowers AldiFor details on stores near you visit the website.