Sacla Pasta Shots

Sacla Pasta Shots

Anything that saves me cash and time is a winner and a recent count of the opened jars of pesto in my fridge, complete with furry cover, means I’m wasting just a little too much on pesto.

Sacla Pasta Shots

These great little ‘shots’ by the Italian company Sacla are brilliant for an intense basil and pine nut hit. I’ve used them to jazz up not just a bowl of dried pasta but a flat field mushroom, as a dressing over freshly roasted veg, and inside a cheese sandwich, but there are a few uses for this parmesan-fuelled paste.

Sacla Pasta Shot

Add a tablespoon to mashed potato to liven up a midweek supper.

For a quick dip, whizz up some soft cheese (Philadelphia) with a ‘shot’ to make a dip for grissini and crudites.

It’s also brilliant in couscous, cauliflower couscous or mixed grains and let’s be honest, sometimes these dishes need a little flavour fireworks.  A shot of this pesto does a great job in turning the ordinary into, well, something a whole lot better.

I’ve been waking up my spiralised courgettes with a shot recently too.  Spiralise a courgette, steam and serve with a Sacla shot, some grated Parmesan and a few grilled vine tomatoes.

Spiralised courgette

Lurch Spiraliser

Spiralised courgette in steamer

Steamed courgettes

Courgetti and Sacla Pesto Shots

Courgetti with Sacla Pesto Shots

I find this blade is the best, with the fattest courgettes you can find.

Spiraliser blade


Sacla Classic Pesto shots come in a pack of four, 45g ‘shots’ and the RRP is £2.79.

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  • love your spiralling machine, where did you get that and what’s it called. All looks fabulous. Tx

  • loving your spiral machine, whats it called and where’s if from. All look fabulous and thanks for the tip, I hate those mouldy jars in my fridge. Tx

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