Quick Banoffee Pie Recipe

Quick Banoffee Pie Recipe

To make a great Banoffee Pie these days is an absolute cinch, no boiling of Carnation milk, no likelihood of exploding tins or scraping caramel from every nook and cranny of your kitchen.  Carnation has done all this for you now with tins of Carnation Caramel.  If you want to pay a little extra then Dulce de Leche works equally as well and can be spooned straight into the biscuit base.  I can recommend Bonne Maman‘s Confiture de Caramel very highly, the only difference is that it’s more expensive and not in all supermarkets.

This recipe is great for an absolute novice with foolproof results.

I made this is in a 23cm loose-bottomed, non-stick, fluted tin but be sure to grease it well, especially around the sides to make sure the pieces come out whole.


250g digestive biscuits, bagged, and bashed with a rolling-pin, you’re looking for breadcrumbs.

200g butter, melted

Can of Carnation Caramel or similar

4 small bananas

300ml double cream, whipped

2 Cadbury Flake bars (to decorate)


Add the crushed biscuits to a bowl and tip in the butter.  Spoon the crumbs into the well-greased tin and press into the base and make sure the sides (to the top of the pan) are well covered. Cover with foil and chill until needed.

Biscuit base pressed down

About half an hour before you’re due to serve, begin assembling.

Cut up the four bananas, however you’d like, I cut mine on the diagonal but don’t keep them hanging around, they’ll need to be covered with the cream to stop them turning brown. Put aside while you add the caramel to the chilled biscuit base.

Caramel added to biscuit base

Start to assemble the cut bananas on to the caramel layer.

Banana topping

Whip the cream to a thick consistency, and pipe if you wish, or dollop on the top. Remove from the flan dish.

Whipped cream

Cut pie

Scatter with your Cadbury Flake – as you can see, didn’t make it to the top!  Serve. This should serve 12, It’s a very, very rich dessert.

Banoffee Pie

Carnation Caramel is available in most supermarkets priced at £1.59 for a 397g tin.
The Bonne Maman Confiture de Caramel is £3.29 for a 380g jar.
Merchant Gourmet produce a Dulce de Leche Caramel Sauce and a 450g jar is around £3.00 (although I’ve not tried it).

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