In Season: Rhubarb

In Season: Rhubarb

Rhubarb is botanically a vegetable but in the kitchen it’s treated as fruit. The long, pink sticks are tart, some deliver a sharp sherbert-tang, but add a little sugar, ginger and strawberries turn into a dish of wonderful.


These rhubarb and almond picnic bars are not only beautiful but they taste delicious.  Here’s the recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

If it’s not your thing, you can’t deny that the watermelon pink ends with pale green leaves are a thing of beauty, so here are a few rhubarb inspired picks that are sure to leave you feeling, smelling or looking great on the inside and out.  There’s something here for cash, cheque and credit card buyers.

A glorious rhubarb hit is released each time you pump the Noble Isle Rhubarb Bath and Shower Gel. The lather’s good, all you need is a crumble top and some double cream. Subtle and not sickly, this cleansing gel is an extract of forced rhubarb with notes of Juniper berry and rosemary. £20.00.


Aside from a little cooked rhubarb, there’s something about spreading Wilkin & Sons Rhubarb and Vanilla jam on some thickly cut fresh bread, slathered in unsalted butter. They also make a Rhubarb & Ginger conserve, both are excellent with strong cheese. £3.00.


Well, it’s not rhubarb but rhubarb-coloured and these Clinique chubby sticks are adorable. The colours pack a real punch and they’re perfect for a slick of colour at any time. Moisturising, handy and no sharpener required.  Smack those lips. £17.00.

Margaret Dabbs is the ‘Queen of Feet’ – my words not hers. A podiatrist turned pedicurist, she’s just launched a range of 72, yes 72 nail varnishes that strengthen them as well as make them look incredibly pretty. Plenty of rhubarb shades, and she’s even got a Summer green thrown in there for good measure. £14.00.

One of my favourites Williams Chase never let me down in the gin or the vodka departments and this Rhubarb Vodka is a beautiful shade of pink with a heady scent of just-cooked rhubarb. £38.00.


If you love bubbles in your glass then Coates & Seely Rosé is a must.  A fine example of an English sparkling pink, in my opinion.  Aromas of honeysuckle and hedgerow flowers. Super acidity and the most beautiful shade of rhubarb pink.  Around £30, stocked in Ocado.


It’s one of my favourite Rose wines and Whispering Angel is a stunning, just-cooked rhubarb pink.  Dry, peachy with a fresh tangerine flavour.  A long finish with great depth. £17.00.


Slightly tart, lightly carbonated Cawston Press has developed a refreshing apple and rhubarb fruit juice.  Excellent on its own, marvellous with a little gin and grated fresh ginger.



Powder pink, or rhubarb-striped, this 3/4 sleeve t-shirt by Cos is a versatile wardrobe staple. A line, slightly cropped with a wide, round neckline, this has a curved hem. Washes splendidly. £17.00.


I love a simple summer sandal and these Gap thongs are spot-on.  With a lick of polish, your toes will be centre stage with these neon pink beauties.  £29.95.


Jo Malone is now owned by Estée Lauder, which put me off for about five minutes, but never quite stopped me from buying the fragrance.   She sold the company, and her name to the US giant, but has since started her own scent Jo Loves.

If you love the quintessential English garden scents you’ll adore their London Blooms range, including one of my faves White Lilac and Rhubarb EDT.  A romantically floral fragrance, not too heavy on the rhubarb, more lilac and heliotrope than rhubarb, but it’s definitely there. Pricey at £89 but only available in the Regent Street store, not online, so you can breathe a sigh of relief. I love it so and use it in between spritz of Earl Grey and Cucumber.  These all come with an engraved lid, courtesy of the Regent Street store.  If you have a collection of JM, you may consider buying coloured tops, to distinguish your fragrance, or not.image

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