Eat Your Heart Out Extreme Cake Shop

Eat Your Heart Out Extreme Cake Shop

If you’ve not seen the work of Miss Cakehead and her army of cake artists then you’re in for a real treat.  Often they come with a health warning because the  end product is so realistic it just doesn’t seem right tucking into a cake that looks like a human hand. And for Halloween, they pull out all stops. I went to the Gallery where they were selling their wares this year, all based on the Kraken theme – a mythological octopus like monster that swallows up boats and seafarers.  The rum brand of the same name was supporting them.


Tattooed skull by Claire Ratcliffe


Deadly Tentacles by Conjurer’s Kitchen

Halloween Jackalope

Halloween Jackalope by Conjurer’s Kitchen

Claw cupcakes

Dragon Talons by Cake Revolution

Mutant Mandrakes

Mutant Mandrake by Heartache Cakes

Wound cakes

Beastly Wound cupcakes by Cake Revolution

Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears by The Dainty Bakehouse


Tentacle cupcakes by The Dainty Bakehouse

Syringe cupcakes

Syringe cupcakes by Rebel Bakers

I’ve written more about the pop up on my Huffington Post blog.

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