Asda Vegan Plant-Based Range

Asda Vegan Plant-Based Range

I went to supper last week, curated and cooked by Mark Richmond. Asda’s Head Development Chef. Using the supermarket’s newly launched plant-based range for inspiration, the meal was nothing short of Michelin-starred.

Vegan Society Approved

The new range is a lot cheaper, starting at £1.50. The best thing about being late to this category is that Asda has taken the best of those already launched. They’ve created a range of 48 products, all Vegan Society approved. Asda’s own research reveals that 52% of 18-34-year olds are looking to look at eating less meat.


Soya’s used in many plant-based meals. In a first-to-market innovation, Asda is using mushroom and they’re on to something. It’s not the only first either. All trays and sleeves packaging in the range are 100% recyclable. Whether customers are vegan, flexitarian, or just want to cut down on their meat intake, the new range means customers won’t have to compromise.

The Range

One of the dishes incorporated the Duckless Spring Roll from the range rolled in a Chinese leaf and given some chef-flourish. I cannot stop thinking about this dish. Sadly, there’s no Asda near me and I’ll have to make a special trip.

A few others caught my eye including Butternut Mac n Cheese (£2.50); Mushroom Arancini (£2.25); Smoky Tofu Burrito (£2.50) and the falafel burgers (£1.75).

The range is already in store. I’ll write a fuller blog once I get my hands on packs.

Are you looking at ways to reduce your meat intake?