The Collective: Yoghurt Mousse Review

The Collective: Yoghurt Mousse Review

I’m a lucky girl, always being asked to try something new and this week was the turn of a new ‘gourmet yoghurt mousse’,  Being a fan of both, I was sent three to try, although there are four new flavours, sold in twin-packs each pot weighing 90g.

Lemon Mousse with a layer of blood orange and (117 kcals/less than 4% fat)

Mango Mousse with a layer of passion fruit (110kcals/less than 4% fat)

Vanilla Mousse with a layer of Scottish raspberry (124 kcals/less than 4% fat)

The other flavour in the range is Banana mouse with a layer of salted maple caramel – probably the one flavour most likely to make it into the basket.

I was also sent a few other flavours from their yoghurt range made with cream, instead of milk.

The recipe is a New Zealand one but recreated here using West Country milk.  Gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

So, what did I think?  Well, I asked my Mum to be in on this review because she’s yoghurt-mad and, a pretty good judge of what merits an excellent one.  I use yoghurt more to cook with, and not a dessert or for breakfast, but will buy the occasional creamy hazelnut.

I went through a phase of making yoghurt almost every day, but soon tired of yoghurt-on-tap.

The product is banded in pairs and perfect for us to taste side-by-side.  On the packaging, it’s hard to see what you’re buying at a glance, the cardboard hides the pretty layered mousse and whilst the font is funky, Mum said she’d probably not study it on the supermarket shelve and would choose something else. A real miss because if you turn the product to the side you can see the mousse and that scrumptious layer of fruit.


The yoghurt mousse overall didn’t really strike me of tasting that much of yoghurt, something we both agreed on.  They were far more mousse, incredibly light, not claggy like some, and the flavours worked well together. There was no hint that they were low in calories, no teeth-scratching hint of sweetener but a rich-tasting, guilt-free dessert.

Once the lid peeled, it was clear that the product had settled a lot and you will feel a little cheated when you finish the pot, believe me that piddly inch makes all the difference when you realise it’s all gone.  The lemon mousse reminded us both of a Tarte au Citron, the lovely lemon zesty mousse worked well with the sharpness of the blood orange Purée base.

Lemon & Blood Orange Mousse

And then it was the turn of the Mango Mousse, sharp with the crunchy passion fruit base, both tubs scoffed in one sitting.

Mango Mousse
The Vanilla Mousse with Scottish raspberries was a mouthful of Summer bursting with the flavour of just-picked raspberries such a wonderful dessert, and by far my favourite, and quite hard to believe it hadn’t been made with full-fat cream.


These desserts will be a firm shopping list favourite – low on calories, high on taste and at £2.00 per banded pair (on offer on the Ocado website) good value, considering how great they taste.

Here’s the list of stockists and a map to find your nearest branch with the range.