Serious Pig

Serious Pig

When I’m asked to review meat products (and if you’re reading foodie PRs who specialise in flesh) I rarely turn these opportunities down.

“Serious Pig” is a relatively new British company, whose idea for snacking salami was thought up over a couple of pints and a few less-than-mediocre snacks down the local.

Thank goodness then that their longing for a tasty snackette produced a classic “slim” salami. This is no foil in a sock wrapped stick of pig fat. It’s a glamorous looking slim salami which, whilst made in Britain, tastes very European. I was sent the classic with cracked black peppercorns, just enough to differentiate the herbs and spices but enough to give it a nice depth of peppery bite.

If you think that making salami is easy, well think on. No, it’s not just a case of making a sausage and hanging it from the ceiling, it takes a little bit of well, a little bit more skill. You need to know your fermentation from your bloom and the fellas behind this clearly do.

What I like about this product is the producers care about where their meat comes from. Their pork is from happy pigs and traceable and anyone who wants to move away from intensive farming gets my support. So, if you’re serious about your pork snacks, want to support our British artisans, want free-range porkie perfection with traceable provenance try Serious Pig.

Each Air Dried Salami is £2.00 and is available online via stockists on their website.

Oh, they also make a smoked paprika with a pinch of chilli flakes. I didn’t get sent those as they were “out of stock”. Which doesn’t surprise me.