Monsieur Jacques

Monsieur Jacques


Monsieur Jacques is a cave, and a shop entirely dedicated to wine in the old quarter in Lille.  More importantly for me, it sells Domaines Ott one of my favourite rosé wines. Not only does this wine come in a beautiful bottle, it’s the perfect aperitif.   It’s light and dry and works well with most food and the colour is a thing of real beauty.

Historically the Ott wines, especially the rose’s, were very difficult to buy outside of France as the French consumed most of what was produced.  Thank goodness then that technology and investment (the company is now in partnership with the Louis Roederer Group) means we can all share in the great taste.   The wines essentially come from three areas-Chateau de Selle (acquired in 1912) on the plateau of the Var, in the heart of Cotes de Provence country, Clos Mireille (1936) in La Londe bordering the sea not far from Bregancon in the Cotes de Provence Apellation, and finally at Chateau Romassan (1956) at the foot of the village of La Castellet in the heart of the Bandol Apellation.

Monsieur Jacques has a great wine selection, by the bottle and the glass, the tapas plates are rather enjoyable too with great selections of meat, fish and cheese.  I wholly recommend La Fromagere.  Amazingly these dishes are all pulled together in the bar, fresh to order.

There are also tasting sessions organised here for both the experienced and the novice.

If you think you’ll be in trouble with the language, you won’t, they speak excellent English here too.

Monsieur Jacques, 30 rue de Gand, Lille, France