Marzipan Hot Cross Buns

Marzipan Hot Cross Buns

If you get the feeling that Hot Cross Buns are on sale all year-round, you’re right. A quick glance in any supermarket aisle, and it’s clear we have an appetite for them beyond Easter. And looking at the flavours on offer, it would seem the once traditional mixed spice, peel and dried fruit variety is a little passé.

For me, you can’t beat the traditional bun which has very particular significance in the Church of England. The bread bun represents the communion; the spices represent those Jesus had been wrapped up in, and there’s the cross. These buns were and continue to be eaten on Good Friday, for those of us who like to keep in line with tradition.

These miniature hot cross buns are in fact made entirely from marzipan and with currants and spices. Add a few to a small plastic sleeve, coloured box or bag and you’ve a great Easter gift.



300g white marzipan, I use Renshaw
100g white marzipan for crosses
4 tsp mixed spice
30g currants, finely chopped
Sweet cases
Edible confectioners glaze


Combine the spice and currants into the marzipan. I roll and mould it until the mix is spread evenly throughout. There’s no scientific way to do it, but a top tip for this sticky work are disposable gloves. Divide the mixture and roll into small round balls, gently flatten to give the bun shape.


Roll out the marzipan reserved for the crosses and cut thin strips. Add these in a cross pattern to each round bun shape. Coat each bun with a lick of confectioners glaze if using and pop into your sweet case.