Le Swine Bacon Butty

Le Swine Bacon Butty

They set out to make the ultimate bacon butty, ‘they’ being Bruno Loubet and  his former chef James Packman, and Le Swine is proof they’ve cracked it.

A year was spent researching this butty, looking for the main ingredient, the finest free- range, pork and finding an outlet to sell these beautiful baps.  A beautifully restored Austin Morris ambulance gets Le Swine on the road, and it’s also where they cook the food.


We caught up with the piggy purveyors at Broadway Market, and we tried a Le Bacon Butty £5 (a homemade milk and onion bap gets stuffed with freshly grilled middle bacon, slathered with bacon butter and a tomato-sauce-and-horseradish combo).


Mr had an over-easy duck egg because he was slightly worried about wearing it on his sleeve for the rest of the day.  A great up-sell by the guys on the pass on the reassurance he wouldn’t get covered in creamy yolk.


I shared a regular swine with Mum and it oozed with the pork butter. It was that good, I forgot to take a photo and it wasn’t until Mr was half way through his creation, with added mushroom ketchup, I remembered.

You can hire Le Swine for your own event or visit them.  Check their website for full details as well as finding out how to order their boxes to recreate their sarnies at home.

No bacon at the Yankee Stadium but plenty of food and drink on offer.  Read my review here.