Langley’s No 8 Gin

Langley’s No 8 Gin

The first of a few gin round-ups in the run up to Christmas …

Langley’s No 8 is a small batch, hand-crafted English grain gin from a single distillation copper pot.  Nothing new there.   Marketed as the ultimate gin for a Martini or a G&T, from the few measures I’ve had from the bottle, I have to say they’ve got it spot on.

imageThe juniper and coriander come through immediately, followed by a punchy citrus kick; it’s followed quickly by licorice, and fresh green grass and is smooth in the finish.  It tastes nothing like a lot of the gins I’ve tasted, currently on the market.

It’s a gin for men who like theirs more ‘substantial’.  Us flowers of women prefer something delicate (according to their taste tests).  I disagree.  I love a gin that tastes like gin and not a packet of Parma Violets, so I loved Langley’s.  This old style classic English gin is perfect with tonic and a big fat wedge of red grapefruit or their Classic Serve.


I use Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, so that affects the taste too.

Langleys No 8 Gin

The Langley Distillery had, up until the release of No 8, made gin for Martin Miller’s and Broker’s, but didn’t make a gin with its label.

Visit their website for more details, in the meantime here’s an easy recipe for their 008 Cocktail.

Langley’s 008

50ml Langley’s No 8 Gin
12.5ml St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
37.5ml Apple juice
12.5ml fresh lemon
4 basil leaves

Shake hard with basil & fine strained.

Serve in a coupette and garnish with basil leaf.