Easter at Aldi

Easter at Aldi

Whether your planning a casual Easter weekend, or something a little more formal, Aldi has got everything you need to make it a total success.  I was so impressed with my Christmas haul that I had to return to see what they had in store for Easter. I’m working the Bank Holiday so I wanted to get organised.
I knew I wanted traditional lamb, a couple of chocolate treats and some store cupboard staples, along with some chicken and mince.
Three packets of Mini Chicken Fillets (£1.79) and mushrooms (89p), double cream (65p) and their ready rolled shortcrust pastry (89p) were the ingredients for my Good Friday chicken and leek pie.  My recipe is at the base of this post and this sizeable homemade pie is not only a breeze to make but will easily feed 8 hungry people.
I chose half a leg of lamb from their Ashfield Farm range, a Great Taste Award 2-star product and a good deal at just over £8.00 (£5.69/kg).
Another example of value for money is their 500g, half side of salmon (£4.49)
For the popcorn-lover this limited edition Hot Cross Bun flavour is an absolute must (99p).
There’s little point in spending fortunes on eggs, especially those packed in acres of plastic and cardboard.  The Choceur milk chocolate bunny is really cute and great value at 99p for 125g – it’s also available in white and dark chocolate.
Moser Roth Mousse Filled Bars – Cherry-Chilli is a Great Taste Award 1 Star product and just a brilliant chocolate bar for £1.49.
Aldi’s Pantry range of home baking ingredients is great value for money.  I bought strong white bread flour (75p), along with Pantry Californian raisins 500g (£1.29), Pantry sultanas (84p), Pantry caster sugar (95p) and Cornish Salted Butter (£1.29).  I bought fresh yeast from my local baker, and made a tray of hot cross buns.
Aldi have a range of hot cross buns including 4 packs of chocolate and toffee (99p), cranberry and orange (99p) and 6 Village Hot Cross Buns for 85p.
Chicken & Leek pie

2 packs Aldi Mini Chicken Fillets (£3.58)
2 leeks, thinly chopped (70p)
250g mushrooms, chopped (89p)
50g butter (26p)
300ml chicken stock (I use Knorr stock pots) (25p)
3 tbsp plain flour (5p)
150ml double cream (32p)
3 tbsp dried tarragon (10p)
1 packet ready rolled packet Aldi shortcrust pastry (89p)
1 beaten egg (25p)


Pre heat oven 170 (fan assisted), 190/ gas 5. Melt half the butter in a large frying pan (I use a wok for large amounts) add the chopped chicken and fry until brown all over.


Remove and set aside.


Melt the rest of the butter and fry the leeks and mushrooms for 5 minutes or until soft. Add the chicken and stir, sprinkle with the flour and coat everything.

Pour over the chicken stock, stir and season well. Simmer for 5 mins over a gentle heat.


Take off the heat and add the cream, stir well then add the tarragon. Stir well.  Tip the chicken and vegetable ingredients into a pie dish and if you have one, place a ceramic pie funnel in the centre. It allows steam to escape while the pie is baking and prevents pies from bubbling over.


Make sure you remove the pastry from the fridge for at least half an hour before you need to use it.  Unfurl the pastry roll and place on the mixture.  


Crimp or fold in the edges and brush with the beaten egg.  Place in the pre-heated oven for around 30 minutes, or until the pastry has turned brown.



Serve with Aldi creamed potatoes (89p) and purple sprouting broccoli (£1.19).