Why Cherrygood is very good … straight or on the rocks

Why Cherrygood is very good … straight or on the rocks

If you’re fed up with the usual offerings of juice drinks on the supermarket shelves and, like me, love cherries then you’ll be glad you stumbled across this because I’d like to introduce you to Cherrygood juice.  I was sent a few cartons and I’ve been hooked on the red stuff ever since – I’ve even caught Mr helping himself to a glass or two.

I hate plain water, go jittery if I have too much coffee, have had my fill of cranberry juice and don’t like tea.  This is a great alternative for me and I drink it fridge-cold by the glass, Mr likes his with ice and I use it as a mixer for smoothies with banana and frozen fruit and have found it makes a great gin cocktail.  The shoe designer Christian Louboutin, famous for his red sole creation agrees, he designed his own vodka cocktail for Elton John AIDS Foundation, a picture and the recipe for his Red Carpet Cocktail is at the foot of this post.

Cherries are fast on their way to becoming the latest fruit to make ‘superfruit’ status, amid growing evidence of their many health benefits.  Whilst oranges and apples still dominate globally, cherries took a 7% stake in the market in 2011.

Cherrygood is made from water and 30% concentrate made up of 25% tart cherry and 5% Montmorency cherry.  It’s a variety especially high in antioxidants, can help to improve sleep quality because of its melatonin production, reduces inflammation and speeds muscle recovery.  There is also evidence that tart cherries can help combat arthritis and cut the risk of gout.

Sounds like the wonder drug doesn’t it, tastes pretty good too.

Available in Original Cherry, Original Cherry Light, and Cherry and Berry.

Widely available, approximately £1.50 for 1 litre.


Christian Louboutin Red Carpet cocktail


Handful of fresh French raspberries (British would work equally as well)

15ml fresh lemon juice

Splash of Himalayan goji berry liqueur (available online or in Harvey Nicks, London)

Teaspoon freshly grated ginger

70 ml measure of Cherrygood

35 ml measure of Grey Goose Le Citron

Darning needle, red thread, Maraschino cherry

Crushed ice


Combine all the ingredients.

Shake a little, strain over crushed ice.  Pour into a glass a little like this.  Put your large darning needle through your cherry and wrap the rest of the length around the glass stem.  Please don’t forget to tell your guests you’ve put a needle in their drink – there could be all sorts of problems.  Beautiful, isn’t it?