Borough Market, London

Borough Market, London

I went for a wander around Borough Market yesterday. It changes every time I visit.  Now you can see the Shard rising from just behind.

Monmouth Coffee

The coffee at Monmouth is probably the only exception I make for drinking full-fat milk, but they don’t offer any other dairy, and it’s worth it.  It’s always a compulsory visit just for the rich buttery; caramel notes it provides. Rich and strong. Yesterday I tasted cherries and chocolate. It’s still busy no matter what the time and the queue is often out of the door and snaking around the corner.

Borough Market: Neals Yard Dairy

How I love Borough Market.  Neals Yard Dairy is an absolute pleasure to visit (if you like cheese).  Yesterday’s free sample taster of Lincolnshire Poacher was a bonus. I even got a £1.00 off my piece of Stichelton because the nose broke off.  Collingthwaite Farm, close to Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, is where a team of merry men (and they’ve got to be – it just tastes too good to have been made by anyone sad) make this creamy cheese.  The makers can’t legally call it Stilton, so they borrowed the name from the Domesday Book. Stichelton is the name Stilton was known as in the 11th Century.  It’s complicated and sets my taste buds into overdrive; You get salty, sweet, fruity and creamy all in one bite. It hasn’t yet been touched but it’s at the front of the fridge, and I know it won’t last too long.

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