Bears Ice Cream, W12

Bears Ice Cream, W12

People who live in Iceland love their ice cream and whilst you’d think living in a country where the temperature dips to well below freezing it might be the last thing on their minds.  That said, ice cream parlours are open all-year-round and close late at night and it’s not unusual to see fans queuing around the block.

Phil Harrison and his Icelandic wife,Vera Þórðardóttir felt there was a gaping void in the Icelandic ice cream department in the area and decided to open their own shop.  The Bears Ice Cream shop opened on Seven Stars Corner in Shepherd’s Bush in late February.  Phil is Head Chef at the Anglesea Arms and makes the majority of the fresh toppings on offer here, the more traditional Icelandic toppings are imported including the salty liquorice and Nóakropp the milk-chocolate covered coco puffs everyone goes mad for.


So, how does it work.  Well there’s just one flavour ice cream and that’s a great quality vanilla which is soft serve.  If you choose a Glacier, you can pick three toppings which are blended together with the ice cream.


There are also a series of signature cones, traditional favourites and some inventive which includes a strawberry, meringue, Thyme, Balsamic Vinegar and caramel concoction.


Milkshakes are all made with ice cream and mixed with a variety of fresh ingredients.

I had a small Glacier (which was rather on the large side) with added dark chocolate and coffee bean, fresh brownie and chocolate drops.


Mum was far more conservative in her selection, a cone with hazelnuts.  Nonetheless she enjoyed it.

There are more than 30 different ingredients which mean you can make more than 4000 different types of glaciers.



244 Goldhawk Road, London, W12